Health and Wellness

We support our consumers’ efforts to gain a better understanding of how to balance the calories they consume with the calories they expend. DPS and CDM remain committed to bringing consumers great-tasting options they will enjoy as well as providing the facts and resources necessary to make informed choices.

Our goal is to provide consumers with beverage options that fit into their various lifestyles. In 2015, we joined the Canadian Beverage Association and its member companies in the Balance Calories Initiative, working to reduce beverage calories consumed per person by 20 percent by 2025. To learn more, please visit

Over the last two decades, the amount of time children spend playing each day has gone down considerably, due to such factors as a lack of play spaces, the rising costs of organized sports and equipment, and budget cuts to school physical education programs. DPS and CDM are taking ACTION to be part of the solution by providing programs and resources through Let’s Play, with the help of our nonprofit play partners, to provide families with the tools, places, and inspiration to make physical activity a daily priority. 

In addition, we are working both independently and with the larger beverage industry to establish and adhere to policies on responsible sales and marketing. For example, DPS and CDM have a long-standing commitment to not market our brands in venues or media where the primary audience is children under 12. These commitments provide the framework for a holistic approach to consumer health and wellness at DPS and CDM centered on balancing calories in with calories out, as well as consumer awareness.

To find out more about DPS’ support of fit and active lifestyles and the Balance Calories Initiative, read our 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility Report.