Dr Pepper Snapple Group is the No. 1 flavoured carbonated soft drink (CSD) company in the Americas and a leading innovator and marketer of non-carbonated beverages. DPS serves consumers throughout North America via a broad and flexible route to market. This includes a combination of direct store delivery and warehouse delivery capabilities supported by our 21 manufacturing centers, more than 200 distribution centers, and approximately 19,000 employees across North America, in addition to the operations of hundreds of third-party bottlers and distributors.


Canada Dry Mott’s Inc.

Canada Dry Mott’s is the Canadian subsidiary of Dr Pepper Snapple Group. Based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Dry Mott’s serves markets coast to coast primarily through third-party bottlers and distributors (for soft drinks) and via direct warehouse delivery (for juices, mixers, and other products). The company’s Canadian portfolio includes Mott’s Clamato, Mott’s Apple Juice, Canada Dry, Dr Pepper, Crush, Mott’s Fruitsations, Schweppes, Orangina, Mott’s Garden Cocktail, and Mott's Mr & Mrs T mixers, among other brands.

United States 

In the U.S., DPS markets, bottles, and distributes a broad range of soft drinks, non-carbonated beverages, and mixers, from iconic national brands to regional favourites. In addition, we distribute a number of licensed brands in various territories, such as Fiji Water, Sunny Delight, and Big Red. Nearly half of DPS’ annual volume is distributed through our company-owned bottling and distribution network. The remainder is driven through third-party/licensed bottlers and distributors, including those in both the Coca-Cola and Pepsi bottling systems, as well as independent bottlers, brokers, and distributors.

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Dr Pepper Snapple Group Caribe & Latinoamérica

In Mexico and the Caribbean, DPS operates primarily in the carbonated mineral water, flavoured CSD, bottled water, and vegetable juice categories. In Mexico, where we do business as Grupo Peñafiel, our key brands include Peñafiel, Squirt, Clamato, and Aguafiel, and we manufacture and sell our brands through both our own bottling operations and third-party bottlers.

In the Caribbean, we operate as Mott’s Snapple International and distribute our products exclusively through third-party bottlers and distributors. Leading brands for Caribbean markets include Mott’s, Snapple, Mistic, Hawaiian Punch, Yoo-hoo, Old Colony, and Nantucket Nectars.